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Hair of the Dog

Feb 7, 2016

Here we are. Our first Podcast! Join us in figuring out how to work out alcohol and how it fits in life with dogs, both celebratory and annoying. 

Our #0000000001, infinity of many, this is just the first.. We have all the hope that this will last forever.  This podcast we celebrate the new year, our new dogs, and alcohol that we felt paired well with our new venture.

This podcast we visit:
Our new podcast!!!

Rebecca is drinking:
Buzzerkeley is beer meets wine. Dorm room meets ivory tower. In the spirit of Berkeley, it’s in whole new category. We call it Sparkling Ale. With a spicy-fruity nose that’s never in the air. California Starthistle honey gets almost completely fermented by Champagne yeast for an intriguing, dry finish. It’s our limit-pushing tribute to the clandestine beer-crafting that began in a UC Berkeley dorm room, and nearly got us kicked out.

Sarah is drinking:

Whislter Grapefruit Ale:
Medium brown in color, this beer has pronounced aroma of grapefruit juice and sweet malts, with hints of corn and grass on the nose. The flavours of grapefruit juice offer a lifting tang to balance the smooth malty notes. This beer will go well with breakfast pancake or light desert.