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Hair of the Dog

Feb 21, 2016

Getting turnt!

Margaritas and Beergaritas (because Rebecca just had to be different)

Heather and Sarah are enjoying:

El Jimador tequila
Grand Marnier
Margarita mix
Sweet & sour mix
and a fresh lime

Follow Heather's instructions in the show!

Rebecca is enjoying:

3c Limeaid (not the frozen kind)
1.25c Tequila
.5c Orange Curacao
& mix together a pitcher

Dump ice into a wide mouth mason jar, pour some margarita juice from your pitcher, open a corona (they sell small ones too!) and swiftly place upside down into your margarita. It will mix together as you drink! You'll need a straw

Enjoy! You can curse your headache tomorrow and your liver can curse you.