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Hair of the Dog

Dec 19, 2018

Welcome to Hair of the Cat... Hot C maybe? 

Cat training, ethics, don't quit if you haven't tried. 

Miranda Workman is Drinking:
Thick Mint Stout, Southern Tier
Inspired by the legendary cookie, Thick Mint joins our world-class rated Blackwater Series of dessert beers alongside Crème Brûlée, Choklat Oranj, Salted Caramel & Choklat in 2017. This imperial stout is a mouthful of perfectly balanced mint & chocolate. Roasty malts coalesce with notes of Belgian dark chocolate, sweet mint & just a touch of sweet caramel. So decadently delicious, you’ll wish you’d bought another box… er, bottle.

Sarah is Drinking:
Double Dunk Stout, Prairie Artisan Ales
An imperial stout conditioned on Oreo cookies.

Rebecca is Drinking:
Swear Jar Milk Porter, Barrel House Z
Smooth, full-bodied, dark ale. Big chocolate notes that carry a slight roastiness. Lactose is added, which layers the chocolate base with a welcome hint of creamy coffee ice cream on the palate. Comes in at a drinkable 5.9% ABV.


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