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Hair of the Dog

Mar 30, 2017

The art of the board and train... 

But really is it the owner... and well lets talk about ballet... 

Sarah is drinking:
AfterImage, Grimm Brewing: 
Juicy, Hazy orange, soft carbonation, plush fruity aromas. Immense mango, marmalade, pine, honeysuckle, and lemon flavors. Smack dab in between Lambo and Tesseract on the...

Mar 22, 2017

Join us in discussing networking difficult dogs and how sometimes just taking your time VS pushing a change in a two week B&T is sometimes a way to go. 

Sarah is Drinking:
Ruby's Tears, Marz Community Brewing
A classic Gose with hibiscus petals, coriander seeds, and lime salt. Tart and refreshing.


Mar 8, 2017

Recalls. Artistry in dog training and formulaic approaches... 

Sarah is Drinking:
Blackberry Orange Pop! Grimm Artisanal Ales
Dessert Berliner brewed with Blackberries, Orange Zest, Vanilla, and Milk Sugar.

Rebecca is Drinking:
Garbage Margarita
Some frozen fruit long forgotten in the freezer, some tequila, blend it...