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Hair of the Dog

Jun 14, 2017

Dog Sports, Rally, Bulldogs with our friend Kerry Pottle...

Kerry is Drinking:
Mispillion Brewing, Reach Around IPA
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Burley Oak Brewing, Sorry Chicky Sour Dry Hop Ale
At Burley Oak, we love our sour beers! We also love all the aromas you get from our IPA’s. By dry hopping this lacto-happy beer, we’ve created...

Jun 7, 2017

Just say Sam Sumridge Sales... 3x fast... do it. do it and tell me how that worked out. Say it, get good at it.. and then embody it and be the best... did that escalate quickly?? good... take advantage.... Just saying... 

Sam is Drinking: 


A pale ale with a twist.

We love hops with a bright,...