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Hair of the Dog

Sep 27, 2017

How's that foster dog? Beer talk and we launched a new tee campaign on teespring to help victims of recent hurricanes... 

Sep 26, 2017

Kate reprises her role as 3rd co-host! Corgi update, lassie, cultural expectations.

Sarah is Drinking:
Nomad Breweing, Rosie's Summer Punch
Refreshingly sour, Nomad Brewing’s recent entry into the Berliner Weisse category sets itself apart with the use of native Rosella hibiscus. Foregoing the recent trend of adding...

Sep 10, 2017

Cats and metal objects. Archer's flyball career and more. 

Sarah is drinking:
Lough Gill Rebel Stout Series

Rebecca is drinking:
T.W. Pitcher's brewing, Tropic Plunder IPA

Sep 10, 2017

Archer's Flyball blunders, Dexter is feeling better and what is wrong with City People....

Sarah is drinking:
Brewmaster Jack, The little Brother
American Double IPA

Rebecca is drinking:
Against the Grain, Rico Sauvin
Double IPA