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Hair of the Dog

Jan 13, 2017

After a long holiday hiatus, we're back bittcchhessss. 

Dressing up pitbulls, rescue work is hard, and making the tough decisions.

Sarah is drinking:
Whirlpool American Pale Ale, Nightshift Brewing
Soft, juicy pale ale with notes of ripe peach and citrus.

Rebecca is Drinking:
Sliced Nectarine IPA, Moody Tongue Brewing
The inspiration for this beer came in the form of a summer farmers market and the abundance of fresh fruits and produce. The resulting IPA showcases a bright tropical aroma of stone fruits that balances the grapefruit acidity of the Chinook hops. The beer’s crisp profile refreshes and delights taste-buds and craves pairings such as slow-roasted pork shoulder or a slice of warm peach pie.