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Hair of the Dog

Oct 10, 2017

Only one more day to help canine hurricane victims. T-shirts here:

Is Rebecca crazy? #buslife What does advocating for your dog really mean... And darn it, Floyd is old. 

Sarah is drinking:
Põhjala Bänger by Põhjala Brewing
A banging Imperial stout brewed with prunes, vanilla and Habanero chillies.

Rebecca is drinking:
Clearly Everybody Wants Some IBL by Agaisnt the Grain/Hoof Herated
A vicious display of collaboration! We are paralleled in an abstinate attempt to probe the superiority of hop flavor and aroma, unequal in our lifetime! This crystal clear IPL is a hop lover’s dream, featuring our lovely friend Ella, brought to you by our pals at Hoof Hearted Brewing and yours truly!

Dino Suit by New Glory Craft
No Notes