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Hair of the Dog

Jan 6, 2021

Join us once to twice a month with dog and beer talk! 

Michael Shikashio,, joins us this show to talk inter-household aggression. 

Sarah is Drinking: 
Whistler Brewing Chocolate Orange Dunkle

Rebecca is Drinking:
Oakshire Overcast Espresso Stout


Reach Sarah at:

Dec 1, 2020

Kim Brophey, an applied ethologist and professional Family Dog Mediator, joins us to discuss her  trademarked Dog L.E.G.S.® system of canine science and the official Dog L.E.G.S.® Guide book -Meet Your Dog. 

To learn more about Kim Brophey you can check out her website:

Sarah Dixon-

Nov 17, 2020


Join Sarah Dixon and Rebecca Hoffman for bi-monthly/monthly beer and dog talk again. 

Guys, just as a heads up while Editor Rebecca gets back into the swing of it. Show notes maybe lacking from time to time. 

More importantly the Audio Quality will probably not be stellar. A lot of the tool Rebecca used to use...

Apr 28, 2020

Originally recorded via Zoom March 30, 2020.