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Hair of the Dog

Sep 28, 2016

Yes, we're late. You try editing in an apartment, that is 100 degrees, no AC and all of your electronics were protesting. My amazon fire stick melted and I had to refrigerate my phone to keep it from exploding.... 

P.S. we're drinking Kolsch's

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If you have a dog story, a dog training...

Sep 25, 2016

Hanging out in IACP (not cooking professionals or chief police) 2016. Rebecca's first IACP.... 4 days of education and hangovers. 

Thanks to everyone who stopped by!!! Same time next year??

Sep 25, 2016

I forgot to release this on a timely manner.... gotchagose

Sep 13, 2016

Scott talks cracked out Malinios and French Ring with us! 

Margaritas and Beer all around.

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Sep 6, 2016

Sarah and Rebecca sit down with Molly Sumridge to discuss a sensitive subject that is prevalent in our industry. 

Provided in the conversation is valuable information on how to deal and where to get help.