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Hair of the Dog

Apr 30, 2019

Barbara Davis joins us to discuss Service Dogs, real vs fake, and the implications and consequences in the world. 

To get in contact with Barbara Davis check out:
BADDogs Inc.


Sarah is Drinking:
Ultimate Clarity, Ursula Brewery

Rebecca is Drinking:
Momentary Lapse of Judgement, Urban Roots Brewing

Barbara Davis is...

Apr 18, 2019

Sarah came back from the IAABC conference in Texas. 

Sarah is Drinking:
Psuedo Sue, Toppling Goliath Brew

Rebecca is Drinking:
I Always Felt Closer to IPAS, Evil Twin Brewing



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Discussion Group

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Apr 9, 2019

Trish Mcmillan joins us to talk about shelter dogs and placing marginalized dogs, goats and a special guest appearance from her murderous cat in the beginning. 

Trish is Drinking:
Bed of Nails Brown Ale, Hi-Wire Brewing

Sarah is Drinking:
Origin, Anchorage Brewing

Rebecca is Drinking:
Demon Boy, Anchorage Brewing


Apr 2, 2019

Sarah had a run in with a creepo! We also changed our intro again. Let us know what you think! 

Sarah is drinking:
Dormancy Breakfast Stout, Bale Breaker

Rebecca is Drinking:
Squeezebox, Urban Artifact


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