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Hair of the Dog

Jun 15, 2016

Sarah is drinking:
Whilster Brewing Chestnut Ale-
The Whistler Brewing co has come out with the Valley Trail Chestnut ale as a limited edition winter brew. The beer is a fittingly chestnut colour and poured into the glass with a finger and a half of head. The smell coming off this beer is strong with nut, caramel and a creamy vanilla. The flavour mirrors the smell with a sweetened, toasted caramel flavour smoothed by a vanilla creaminess. This Chestnut ale is a tad on the sweet side but has a smooth bitterness that helps to balance the overall feel. A touch different from the ordinary this is a warming, hearty and enjoyable winter seasonal ale.

Rebecca is drinking:
Green Flash Brewing Passion Fruit Kicker-
We’ve kicked it up a notch by adding a tropical twist to this refreshing ale. Get amped on Passion Fruit Kicker—a jaw-dropping, mouth-watering, smooth brew with sweet, tart, fruity flavor. We layer passion fruit tea and passion fruit juice with wheat malt and 2-row malted barley to bring you this exhilarating crowd pleaser. Your palate will do a 360 for more of this luscious wheat ale.


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